What's the difference between the Travel Ease Kit and the Travel Ease + Kit?

The Travel Ease + Kit includes 30mL of our Beautiful Body Balm – perfect to quench, soften, tone and refresh everywhere below the neckline!

How long will this Travel Ease + Kit last?

It should last approximately two weeks, based on normal usage. Since the products have resealable, airtight closures you can use it for a week vacation, put away for 6 months and then use it again!

Can I use my All-In-One Moisturizer if my face has been sunburned?

Absolutely! The All-In-One is infused with Aloe and Witch Hazel extract, which will sooth your skin and provide some much-needed relief.

How do I wash my Mèreadesso cleansing cloth when I am on vacation?

If you don’t have access to a laundry machine while away, you can wash your cleansing cloth by simply wetting it, applying a general purpose soap (shampoo will also work), and then rinsing it thoroughly.

The specially designed cleansing cloth is completely washing machine safe, if you do have the use of a machine. It will dry quickly when hung up after washing.