Why are the Clear Lip Treats also considered a primer?

As with all of my Mèreadesso products, I tried to put as many uses as possible into my lip treats. Not only are they super moisturizing but they’ll extend the life of whatever you put on top, whether it’s a lipstick, lipgloss or stain, regardless of price point or brand. It also keeps lipgloss from creeping.

How are tinted lip treats different from the Clear Lip Treats?

It is the exact same moisturizing formula just with the addition of colour.

How are tinted Lip Treats different from lipstick?

It’s fundamentally a lip balm with a tint. Most lipsticks in the marketplace do not contain the type of ingredients that we have in our formula ie. Vitamins C and E, evening primrose, grape seed, coconut and sunflower oils. In addition, it’s different than other tinted lip balms in that it has staying and building power for colour. I think it’s quite unique.

Does it leave a glossy or matte finish?

Both the clear and the tinted have a satin finish. I wanted to avoid a high sheen product, especially for the clear, so that it would be gender neutral. You can definitely put a gloss over top and the shine will stay high. That is where the priming ability of the formula kicks in.

How does the colour building feature work?

With one swipe you start with a very sheer coverage, add a few more swipes and the colour becomes as bold as you’d like.

Will the colour from the coloured lip treats transfer onto glasses, or mugs?

Very little transference should take place.

Does it contain SPF?

No and this is on purpose. SPFs act as a barrier and would stop the absorption of our moisturizing ingredients. They also contain chemicals that I like to avoid putting near the mouth area where it will most likely be ingested.

Is the product scented?

Yes our lip treats are very lightly scented as a result of the lemon and orange extracts included in the formula. I’ve never been a fan of the candy flavours that most lip balms seem to possess.

Why have you included two in each package?

It’s my personal peeve – I can never find my lip balm! So I’ve decided to include two. One for your purse and one for your makeup bag at home.

Why did you choose that form of packaging?

I really don’t like the idea of dipping your fingers into a pot every time you apply so I went for a stick form instead. The clear plastic pouch they come in can be reused to hold business cards, q-tips and travel scissors.

Do your clear lip treats have any other uses?

I love getting feedback from our makeup artist fans and here is one of their tips… use it under the eye as a primer for concealer and on the eyebrows to better hold any eyebrow pencil. This makes your eyebrows look perfectly groomed!