How can it be good for very oily and very dry skin at the same time?

The formula does not contain any heavy oils or waxes, (which is often found in formulas for “dry” skin), so it does not feel heavy on the skin. Also, it does not contain any foaming ingredients, which act like detergents, and do nothing but dry out your skin (found in many “oily” skin cleansers). This formula is perfectly balanced, and its function is to effectively remove makeup and any excess oil, dirt etc, and leave it feeling clean and refreshed.

Can I use this around my eyes?

Absolutely. Many of the ingredients that are found in strictly “eye make-up removers” have been included here. Using the product with the provided cloth makes removal gentle and easy. As with any product that is to be used around the eye area, care should always be taken to not get product in your eyes.

How should the cloth be used near my eyes? I’m worried about too much pulling.

The cloth is made from a light weight micro-fibre material and is gentler on the skin than a cotton pad. So if you are comfortable using a cotton ball/pad, then this is a much better option for you. One tip is to dampen the cloth with water, gently blot the damp cloth over your eye make-up, apply the Face + Neck Cleanser and then remove with the cloth. This helps to “soften up” without smudging, any hard to remove eye-liners, mascaras – and will therefore make removal more efficient and easier.

I have very sensitive skin, prone to breakouts. Can I use your cleanser?

Many of our sensitive skin customers have had great success with our Face + Neck Cleanser, since it does not contain many of the heavy oils or waxes that can be irritating. Also, the pH of the formula is slightly acidic which will help with any acne-prone customers. Ingredients such as the Rose Damascena Flower oil, Vitamin E, Aloe, Cucumber extract, and Jojoba seed oil are all extremely beneficial and calming to sensitive skin.

Why is it non-foaming?

Foaming agents such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate (commonly found in cleansers) really do not add any benefit to the skin, they are simply detergents. In fact, they are too harsh and often dry out the skin. Some people have a false perception that if it is foaming, then it’s cleaning. The best way to remove the oil, makeup and environmental residue on your skin is to use light weight, nourishing oils (like Vitamin E, Jojoba and Rose Oil) that clean the skin, but do not leave your skin oily and are loaded with other benefits.

How can it be considered a mask? I thought a mask had to be left on the face to have any effect.

There are 3 basic types of masks:

    1. those that are for exfoliation – usually by incorporating some sort of hard grains – either natural (e.g. crushed apricot shells) or artificial (small plastic beads) which helps to improve cell renewal rates.
    2. to add moisture for dry skin (usually heavy oils).
    3. to draw out excess oils if you have oily skin – usually these are clay-based masks.

Let me address each category. The Mèreadesso Face + Neck Cleanser manages to cover all three with only one product. The key is the combination of formula, which contains light weight nourishing oils but does not leave your skin oily, and the magic of the cloth which provides the exfoliation part.>

This specially designed cloth is so soft that it will not scratch your skin, and by doing the small circular motions on your skin, it not only cleans your skin and removes make-up but also effectively gently “buffs” it. This gentle buffing of your skin, continuously, every day, will slowly and gently exfoliate. Doing this every day, you start to “teach” your skin to improve the rate of cell renewal which will greatly help the long term appearance of your skin. This is far more effective than doing the occasional mask.

How can it be considered a toner?

Ingredients such as the Rose Damascena flower water and Cucumber extract have astringent abilities – that is they help clarify and then close the pores – which is what toners often do.

Toners are also used as a second step in many skin care regimens since the cleansers may not have effectively removed all the make-up (not the case here) and for lowering the pH. The Mèreadesso Face + Neck Cleanser is already at a lower pH so this is not required.

Do you suggest I use this twice a day, or just at night to remove make-up?

Most definitely use twice a day – as this product is more than just a make-up remover – it is a toner and mask as well. Also, your body at rest is when it works to remove toxins from your system. Many of these are expelled through the pores – so it is always a great idea to clean your face every morning. Also, following cleansing, apply the Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer to leave a perfectly primed pallet for applying makeup.

How long will this last me?

A very small amount is needed to cleanse your face – so that if you use this product twice a day, every day, then the average use time for the 120mL regular size is 2-3 months. This is much longer than the average 6-8 weeks with other cleansers.

The cloth included withstands laundering so well, we can’t seem to determine yet how long it lasts! We have put the cloth up to a 50 wash test. At that point we just gave up. So, that puts it to at least 6 months. Every time you purchase a new cleanser, you automatically get a new cloth.

The pouch was designed to be reusable. In fact it is slightly larger than the bottle so that it could accommodate all standard size make-up brushes. We felt that putting the cleanser in a carton did not add any value – so we really hope customers continue to use the pouch for other uses long after the cleanser purchased is finished.