Frequently Asked Questions: All-In-One Moisturizer

Can I use this around my eyes?

Absolutely. The same benefits of evening out skin tone and lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is just as desirable around the eye area. Therefore there is no more need for a second eye product.

I’m feeling a tingling, tightening sensation... is that normal?

Perfectly normal, and on purpose. You no longer need to use a toner. This formula contains many ingredients to improve tone and texture. Algae, apple fruit extract, arginine, co-enzyme Q10, copper gluconate – just to name a few, all help with tone and tightening. This refreshing sensation may also be a result of the aloe and witch hazel.

Is there anything special I should wash my face with before using it?

Our Mèreadesso Face + Neck Cleanser, of course!

I’m getting exfoliation, like an eraser. What does that mean?

Approx 20% of people will experience mild exfoliation when first using the product. As the directions for use indicates, simply take a warm wet face cloth and remove the excess skin using gentle circular motions. It is the equivalent to a mild “mini-peel”. Your skin will look fantastic, and be ready to absorb the cream upon next application. The exfoliation should dissipate with further use.

Why is it green?

This was intentional. Any make-up artist will tell you green blocks red. So in addition to ingredients like Bilberry that work to help reduce skin redness over time, a slight green tint helps to block any visual redness. But unlike other products, there are no artificial dyes or colouring agents used. The green colour results from the addition of Chlorophyll (the natural component that makes vegetation green) which is also loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin.

Does it contain sunscreen?

No, it does not. The light weight feel of the product in addition to the quick rate of absorption into the skin would have been adversely affected by the addition of a chemical sunscreen. I also wanted to give consumers a choice.

Can I use a sunscreen with it?

Sure, simply apply it on top of this product.

A lot of companies list tonnes of beneficial ingredients but there’s usually not a lot in the product. How does Mèreadesso compare?

Having been involved with the formulation of hundreds of products, I can tell you that the key functional ingredients in this formula are anywhere from 10 to 100 times in concentration to what is normally found in like category products.

Also, the combination is extremely unique. Usually, most other lines are about the “one magic ingredient” not a potent combination of over 26 key functional ingredients that is found in the All-In-One Moisturizer. The proof is also in how quickly consumers notice an improvement in their skin. Most report noticing a “wow” after 6-10 applications – that’s in 3-5 days when using morning and night. The average time for other like products on the market to claim a noticeable difference is anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks!

It feels lighter than most other moisturizing creams. Why is the texture different?

The product is aloe based, and does not contain any heavy waxes which might feel nice but actually do not help to moisturize your skin. These waxes also often impede the absorption of other key ingredients.

How well does make-up apply on top?

Fantastically! Currently this product is being tested by our nation’s top make-up artists who have reported that not only does the makeup go on smoother and with less irregularity (important for High Definition TV) but that it also lasts longer and colours stay truer longer – requiring less touch-ups.

Quick tip – for a pick me up in the middle of the day – you can apply All-In-One Moisturizer right on top of your make-up – it brightens the face without disturbing make-up application.

Is it good for young people as well?

Absolutely, it is good for all ages. With all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – your skin will take from it what it needs – and trust me, the younger you are, the more likely you need it to protect your skin for the future from all that partying you might be doing now!

Can I use it day and night?

Absolutely, and I highly recommend it. The reason may other lines have day vs night creams is that they separate the type of ingredients your skin absorbs more readily during the day and night into different products. By putting all the ingredients together that your skin will benefit from at different metabolic rates (when the body is or is not at rest) – your skin will take from it what it needs regardless of the time of day.

Many consumers who do extensive travelling to radically different climates have shared with me unbelievable stories of how they haven’t had the customary problem skin while travelling and only had to take 1 product with them!

I am using medicated skin care products – can I use your cream?

If the medicated product used is over the counter (ie not needing a prescription) then most customers find that if they use their OTC toner or cleanser first and the All-In-One Moisturizer second, it actually improves the effect.

If you are at all concerned or are using a product prescribed by a dermatologist/doctor, then please consult your physician before using any other product in combination (not just Mèreadesso's product line). Full ingredient listings are available on the bottle directly, and also on the website for your easy reference.

How long will this last me?

With regular use both day and night, the 50 mL/1.7 Fl.oz should last most consumers 3-4 months (which is more than commonly found with other products on the market that last typically 6-8 weeks). Over time, as your skin improves, we find that consumers need and use less, so that it should start to last longer. The 50 mL volume was also chosen intentionally, as it is currently the maximum liquid volume allowed for travelling on commercial airlines.