It’s an all over body cream – how is that possible?

When it comes to your skin, the key is improving the elasticity and moisturization – and that is the same for your hands, feet, décolleté area and the back of your thighs. Certainly though, at any time of the day/year there is a difference to how smooth and supple your hands and feet are compared to other parts of your body that aren’t so exposed, so you need to have a skincare product that is loaded with ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that can address a multitude of issues. You also want to have all those wonderful ingredients in a non-greasy base so you can actually pick up your keys and hang on to them after using the product on your hands.

Does it help with Cellulite?

It can definitely help. Algae extracts, caffeine, copper, arginine, grapefruit and Brazilian cocoa are key ingredients that help to improve the localized circulation and toning in the area. These ingredients have been long used in high end European spas. Improving circulation helps you body to break apart the localized deposits. How quickly this works, is very consumer dependant – and is also impacted by diet and exercise.

I’m pregnant – Does it help with preventing stretch marks?

As strange as this sounds, the inspiration for this formula was indeed a pregnant friend who was very prone to stretch marks. It’s all about elasticity of the skin whether you are ’expanding or contracting’. When a skincare product is able to help improve skin’s elasticity and suppleness, this in turn helps to minimize the chance of stretch marks occurring and helps the skin rebound after the little one arrives. In addition, other key botanical extracts have been added to reduce itchiness (colloidal oatmeal and witch hazel) and water retention (nettle extract) – a couple of other key battlegrounds during this glorious time. Finally, essential oils were chosen to improve mood and alertness such as peppermint and wintergreen. Grapefruit essential oil has antiseptic and astringent functions, known to ease muscle fatigue and stiffness as well as adding a refreshing scent. During pregnancy, it is also one of the few scents that most women do not develop a temporary aversion to.

I have stretch marks already, can this help?

Yes it can. Stretch marks are essentially scar tissue that has resulted from an area stretching quickly over time, such as during pregnancy. The key again is to help improve blood circulation to the area so that your own body will break it down. The main ingredients helping this process in the formula are vitamin E, A, algae extract, arnica and Brazilian cocoa. Some customers have reported that when applying this product on their stretch marks, which are typically brown in colour initially, start to brighten for a time, then slowly fade. The amount of time required before a customer sees a difference will vary depending on how recent and extensive the marks are, their ethnicity and skin type.

What is in the fragrance and why does it not last?

The fragrance of this product is a combination of natural essential oils. It is a fairly simple combination of mint and citrus notes - specifically ruby red grapefruit along with liquorice and white tea notes.

The scent was specifically designed to flash off the skin in about 10 minutes. This was done intentionally. I like the products to have an initial "aromatherapy" affect, but then leave so that it does not compete with your personal fragrance choice. Also, there are many places that are now "scent free", so this way you can use the product and meet the requirement.

Can I use this product on my face?

You could, but I would be careful around the eye area due to the fragrance flashing off. I still would recommend for face the All-In-One Moisturizer, as this was designed for the face and neck area and has other ingredients that help with redness and can be used around the eye area.

Does this product help with water retention, specifically my legs?

We actually have had many customers comment that this product can help. Nettle extract, Witch hazel, Liquorice root and grapefruit extracts are helpful for this as they all have astringent qualities and have been used for many years to treat skin irritation and swellings. As always, with this issue monitoring and lowering salt intake is also beneficial.

Can I use this product in my hair?

Well, I have to say, this inquiry really surprised me. I have had customers say that it is a fantastic product to help with fly away and smoothing out the hair. I must admit that I never formulated the product for that purpose, but when reviewing the ingredients, the grape seed and olive oil extracts, vitamin A, Brazilian cocoa, nettle and minerals such as magnesium would actually work well in the hair. The formula does not contain any heavy oils or waxes, so it would not leave the hair feeling greasy or weighed down. I love the creativity and dedication of my customers!